Pipe Wrapping & Corrosion Resistance

Underground pipes, on-shore / off-shore pipes, jetty pipes are subject to severe weathering forces including corrosion from aggressive salts and elements. Pipe protection is critical to ensure the longevity of this infrastructure.

While there are several types of coatings available, membranes provide the best protection by virtue of it being a pre-manufactured solid impermeable sheet, that encapsulates the pipe fully, protecting it from weathering forces of nature.

GS Pipe wraps protect pipe surfaces from moisture ingression, corrosion and abrasion. It is easy to install, cost effective and durable, extending the life of pipes. Pipe wraps are extensively used for pipes in petroleum refineries, chemical handling and mining applications – underground, over land and extended into the sea.

How does
GS TPO help?

GS PW membrane is used to wrap pipes; acting as a physical barrier that is moisture proof, inert and non-conducting. It protects overhead piping, exposed and buried piping in industrial, commercial or residential areas from:

  • Resist corrosive actions by salt, water, soil, acids, alkalis, chemical, bird droppings
  • Prevents dielectric corrosion between buried metal pipes and soil minerals
  • Resists weathering, sunlight and UV exposure
  • Good abrasion and wear resistance, high puncture and tear resistance against rocks, boulders
  • Service temperature ranges from – 40°C to 12°C
  • Provides high physical, chemical and technical properties as well as a flexible product


Pipes are coated with high tack adhesives followed by wrapping of GS PW membrane and heat welded termination. It is easy to apply by hand, providing positive protection against abrasion, corrosive action for metal pipes, plastic pipes fittings and electrical conduit systems. GS TPO Pipe Wraps are supplied in White, Yellow, Red or any colour for coding or identification purpose.

Application Examples

GS Products

  • GS TPO 1.2 SP
  • 20 mm 10 mtr pre-holed strips
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