Potable Water Tank Lining – USFDA Compliant

Underground and overhead tanks made in concrete are a huge source of water leakage across many residential, commercial and industrial buildings. Over time, these tanks develop cracks due to natural weathering, resulting in water seepage either into the ground or into the building structure – resulting in wastage of precious resource.

GS TPO FDA liners are designed specifically for potable drinking water applications. The membrane is tested and complies to US FDA drinking water norms, while also providing protection from algae, fungi and bacterial growth inside the tank.

These tailor-made water tank liners provide a new life to containment areas and tanks by providing a non-corrosive, nonreactive impermeable surface inside the tank, not allowing any water to leak out at all. The membrane is designed for new tanks and old repair jobs as well.

How does
GS TPO help?

GS FDA membrane is applied inside the tank, acting as a physical barrier that is moisture-proof, inert and nonreactive. It protects the tank from leakages through cracks and joints, while ensuring the potable water is safe for drinking and domestic human usage.

Besides this, the liner is designed to ensure no growth of algae, fungi and bacteria occurs inside the stagnant water in the tank.


While constructing the tank or in case of existing tanks, the membrane is adhered to the bottom, side walls and top slab, using cementitious adhesives. End joints are heat welded, providing a complete rain-coating inside the tank. Pipe connection are terminated properly, to ensure no leakages from these joints.

Application Examples

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