Expansion Joint Adhesive

GreenShield™ EJ 2K EP is a two-part, high-performance Epoxy based bonding adhesive specially designed for bonding GS TPE Expansion joint profiles and tapes to concrete, cementitious substrates. The adhesive is based on epoxy resins, selected fine-grain aggregates and special additives to achieve excellent bonding properties.

GS Epoxy adhesive is supplied in two components – Resin (Part A) and Hardener (Part B), with different colours to provide visual evidence of effective mixing. The mixture is a thixotropic mix, easy to apply even on vertical structures. The adhesive mixture has a long enough pot life to allow adequate adhesive application, positioning and aligning time for the profile / tape. When cured the adhesive forms a watertight surface.

Application Areas

The adhesive is user friendly, easy to mix and apply, suitable for all applications, including overhead and vertical. Designed for usage across service temperature of – 30o C to 50o C, the adhesive has excellent weather and water resistance, works well on dry and damp concrete surfaces, providing high mechanical resistance.

Suitable for expansion joint application across flat roofs, exterior walls, split slab decks, podiums, parking areas, basements; applied as exposed or covered below PCC.

  • Basements
  • Podiums
  • Roofs
  • Horizontal Joints
  • Vertical Joints
  • Drinking Water Reservoirs
  • Tunnels & Culverts
  • Water Retaining Structures
  • Sewage Treatment Plants

Features and Benefits

  • User Friendly – easy to mix and apply.
    Suitable for overhead and vertical applications
  • Usable across wide temperature range – 30°C to 50°C
  • Excellent weather and water resistant
  • Works well on both dry and damp concrete surfaces
  • Root resistant
  • Fast Curing and excellent bond strength after curing
  • Good abrasion and wear resistance
  • High Mechanical resistance
  • Chemical resistant – resisting acids, alkalis, salt, corrosion, bacteria, fungi, lime water, seawater, cement water, salt solutions, domestic sewage, bitumen, bitumen emulsion coating, etc.
Expansion Joint Adhesive_Features_Benefits


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