TPE Expansion Joint Profiles

GreenShield™ Expansion Joint Preformed Profiles & Tape are based on thermoplastic elastomer chemistry, designed for primary seal of high movement expansion gaps, suitable across various surfaces/substrates, providing water tightness, continuity of seal throughout changes in plane and direction including curves and corners, high degree of puncture resistance and elongation compared to traditional membrane based joints. Redundant adhering system provides double protection from water leakages.

Application Areas

Depending on the size of the building or project; architects and builders provide expansion joints across areas like split slabs, roofs, exterior walls, below grade / basements, podiums, interiors and so on. These joints are required to safely absorb temperature induced expansion and contraction or construction materials, absorb vibration and hold parts together or to allow movement in case of ground movement. However, it is important to seal these gaps from moisture, heat & environmental forces, without affecting the purpose of the gap. GS EJ is suitable in waterproofing expansion joints across flat roofs, exterior walls, split slab decks, podiums, parking areas, basements; applied as exposed or covered below PCC.

Features and Benefits

  • Elongation of over 500%, provides ample safety margin across expansion joint movements
  • Flexible across wide temperature – 40°C to 110°C
  • Heat weldable along with mechanical fastening system allows fast installations – 500 ft can be covered within 1 day
  • Lightweight at < 1 kg / running mtr
  • Moisture, Vapour, Water, Ozone, Heat, UV and weathering resistance
  • 15 years warranty gives contractors, specifiers and owners long term confidence


A definitive guide to our products and applications with helpful links, documents and videos.

  • Technical Specifications
  • Installation Guide
  • Drawings
  • Safety Data Sheets
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